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How a Solar Battery System And Battery works

The energy stored in a solar-battery system is used in the home whenever there is energy usage above the level produced by the solar panels. This battery energy can power household appliances before any energy is required to be imported from the grid.

Renewable Energy Solutions

Solar panels generate energy during the day. As they do, the excess can be stored in a battery for later use, for when electricity is in need but the panels are not producing power/energy.any excess energy they generate with their panels that is then fed back to the grid.

GL Chen RESU10

Nominal Capacity9.8 kWh
Energy usable8.8 kWh
Nominal voltage51.8 V
Rated DC power42 – 58.8 V
Dimensions (W*H*D)452*484*227 mm
Weight75 kg
Installation LocationIndoor / Outdoor
Warranty10 year performance

Growatt ARK 10.2XH

Nominal Capacity12.8 kWh
Energy usable11.52 kWh
Nominal voltage360 V
Rated DC power360 – 550 V
Dimensions (W*H*D)650*1000*260 mm
Weight155 kg
Installation LocationIndoor / Outdoor
Warranty10 year performance

Sungrow SBR128

Nominal Capacity12.8 kWh
Energy usable11.4 kWh
Nominal voltage256 V
Rated DC power200 – 292 V
Dimensions (W*H*D)625*675*330 mm
Weight147 kg
Installation LocationIndoor / Outdoor
Warranty10 year performance

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When you choose Sky Solar Energy, you receive:

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that gives you instant and long-term savings on your electricity bills


from approved tradespeople, who will look after your home like it's their own


to ensure you're supported before, during and after your solar installation

real customer feedback

I would recommend Sky Solar to anyone who is thinking about solar. When the idea of going solar came to the table, it seemed like it should be an easy task, but it became quite hard and time consuming as more research piled on and making the choice of inve sting in something that would be with us for the next 10 years was a difficult one

This is when Sky Solar came into the picture, the depth of knowledge both technical and about the market really impressed me, with their strong track history and long service in the industry. After much research and deliberation, we made the decision to go ahead with Sky Solar Energy, and we're glad we did.

Justin made it easy for us to make our decision and gave us peace of mind throughout the whole process from start to finish. The installation was also felt easy, we did not need to prepare anything and it was on time and the team was very professional, We have already referred two of our close friends who are also happy with the savings the solar has provided them.

Great Work

- Mike jensen

Artie Genre

We had our solar system installed by Sky Solar Energy and could not be happier with the result. They explained in detail how solar worked and the difference between each product, and which one suited our budget.

Xiaobo Niu

Very professional, with all the knowledge in a solar system that can help customers make the right choice. Their team of professional electricians arrived on time and finished their job beautifully. The after sales service was also sensational, you guys are awesome.

Ida Irene

I wasn't sure what solar panels I needed, and the team helped me out and actually explained everything to me. Amazing team. If you need solar done, give them a call.

LG Chen

Growatt ARK

Sungrow SBR

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