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Sky Solar Energy is bringing solar to commercial customers (link to commercial landing page) through a fixed-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) which includes installation, servicing, and account management.

No upfront costs

There are no upfront costs to your business, but instead a commitment to partner with us for a fixed term, allowing us to recoup the cost of the system and its installation and deliver immediate cost savings to you.

free installation

Install a high-quality, commercial solar systen for free.

Slash your bill

Save more than 60% off your current electricity bill immediately.

earn income

Feed excess electricity back into the grid and earn credit & cash

Free solar system

The solar system will belong to you after your contract expires.

What is power purchase agreement

Solar systems can be expensive to purchase outright. It is a capital investment many businesses choose to pay off over time and, whilst government rebates help, they do not cover the full cost.

Sky Solar Energy will help businesses across Australia with the opportunity to partner with us in a Power Purchase Agreement.

Under the agreement, we install a commercially sized solar system at no upfront cost to your business. In return, your business partners with Sky Solar Energy as your main electricity provider for an agreed period.

We offer extremely competitive per kilowatt rates, meaning your business can start saving immediately on electricity, with no financial outlay.

We will maintain, repair and service the solar panels for the duration of our agreement. At the end of the agreed period, the solar system becomes your property, so you can continue to benefit from costs savings long after.

how does power puchase
agreement work


We install, own, operate and maintain a solar PV system at your office building.


We become your major retail electricity ‘supplier’ for the duration of the agreement, at a per kilowatt rate significantly less than what you are currently paying.


Your business uses the electricity generated by the solar system installed by us, instead of purchasing electricity through the grid.


Any residual solar energy generated by the system and not used by your business may be sold back into the grid for profit.


Your business will still have access to the grid to supply electricity at times when the solar system isn’t generating power (i.e. overnight or rainy days). You will receive a separate bill from this electricity retailer.

Give us a call on 1300 345 655 to find out wether your business is suitable for PPA!

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